Best Online Coaching for HPAS Exam – IBTS 9316488821Best Online Coaching for HPAS Exam – IBTS 9316488821: IBTS HPAS/HAS online classes – India’s best Online Coaching for HPAS Exam & HAS Preparation Online. Join Online HPAS Coaching Today. Our experts provide HPAS Online Coaching of excellent with time-tested standards. We provide you with year-long structured online classes for HPAS HAS preparation at affordable Online HPAS Coaching Fees, with an exclusive session for clearing doubts, ensuring that neither you nor the topics remain unattended.

HPAS Online Classes from IBTS Institute

IBTS HPAS Live classes is a unique learning platform for Online HPAS Coaching for Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Preparation includes:

  1. Live online classes,
  2. Recorded video lectures
  3. Online test series programs
  4. Daily Group Discussion
  5. Free Study Material
  6. Download Ebooks
  7. 24×7 Online Support

Learn from India’s Top mentors anywhere, anytime under HPAS Live classes courses! Live classes teaching experts provide online HPAS/HAS Coaching of excellent, time-tested standards.

Best Online Coaching for HPAS Exam - IBTS 9316488821Students are welcome to join IBTS Live Online Classes for HPAS/PCS Preparation!

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Best Online Coaching for HPAS / HAS Exam
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IBTS Institute is the Ranked No.1 Institute for best HPAS & HP Allied Services Coaching in Chandigarh, The Only Expert Institute with the highest number of Selections, & the Only Institute for completing Himachal Pradesh Exams Coaching, Institute offers the Best Online HPAS Coaching to help in HIMACHAL PRADESH ADMINISTRATIVE EXAMS Preparation. 

Get prepared for HPAS, HP Allied Service Exam with pocket-friendly HPAS coaching in Chandigarh with fees and academic guidance from premium faculty. 

Best Online Coaching for HPAS Exam
Why IBTS Institute is Best Online Coaching for HPAS Exam?

  1. With IBTS Online HPAS Coaching Classes, you can study Anytime, Anywhere which can save you a lot of time.
  2. IBTS Online coaching provides one-on-one interaction, which helps you learn better and get 100% attention from the teacher. The absence of other students ensures you concentrate better and have fewer distractions.
  3. IBTS Online coaching lets you prepare for your exams in a calm and comfortable environment, right from the comfort of your home or office. There is no distraction, which helps you focus better.
  4. HPAS Online coaching classes are great for working professionals who have family responsibilities or who are juggling multiple exams simultaneously.
  5. Specialized & Digitized Classes focused on building a conceptual knowledge base for Students.
  6. Super Affordable, Cost-Effective, and Cheaper
  7. Personalized Attention
  8. Regular tests and answer writing sessions to improve accuracy and time management
  9. Updated with Current Affairs
  10. Technological support and Feedback by subject Experts
  11. Bonus Answer Writing Tips


  1. 500+ hours of Live Classes of HPAS/HAS Complete Foundation Course lecture series.
  2. 24X7 availability of best quality HPAS video lectures- watch from the comfort of your devices
  3. Detailed Topic-wise Coverage of the HPAS Syllabus.
  4. Lecture notes shared as PDFs for revision
  5. Flexible Timing.
  6. The most competent, reliable, and senior dynamic and up-to-date content team supports faculty and subject experts.
  7. Learning as Per Your Convenience.

For, More details Call Now & Book 05 Days Free Demo Class for the Best Online coaching for HPAS / HAS–IBTS 9316488821

What You Will Get in IBTS HPAS/ HAS Online Coaching

  1. Online Live Classes – Students will convert their mode of study from only online Live Classes to physical classroom programs also once the physical classes get the start after the lock-down
  2. Recorded Videos – In case you missed out on the Live Stream of the class, you will always have the option to check the recorded Online Lecture Video on your dashboard.
  3. Comprehensive Course – The Course Structure of Online Classes is designed in a way that covers all the essential topics asked of HPAS / HAS. The Course will cover Current Affairs & CSAT.
  4. Fix Time – Classes as per the schedule.
  5. Classes Subject wise – Students can also take Subject wise / GS Papers (1, 2, 3 & 4) wise admission in only Online Live Classes mode.
  6. Faculty – Classes will be taken by IBTS Institute HPAS/ IAS/PCS qualified faculty.
  7. Exams Covered – IBTS Institute will not only be providing Online Classes for HPAS / HAS but also for other Himachal Pradesh Examinations. Like HP Allied Services Exams Prepare through Online Videos, Test Series, etc. for upcoming Himachal Pradesh Exams.

DELIVERABLE’s after admissions for Best HPAS/ HAS Online Coaching Live Classes

  1. Access to Online Live Classes
  2. Access of LMS
  3. Online Test Series both Prelims & Mains
  4. Online Class Tests.
  5. Study material/class notes (digital)
  6. E-magazine (IBTS Institute Weekly) Current Affairs (Digital)
  7. Advantages of Online Live Classes
  8. It is Cost-Effective
  9. You can prepare from anywhere and avoid the hassle of finding the right
  10. Coaching, Accommodation, Food Expenses, etc.
  11. All Preparation Materials at one place
  12. Since the recorded version of the lecture will be available, you can access them later in case you missed out.
  13. Performance Analysis through Mocks
  14. Live Doubt Clearing Sessions
  15. Updated free Study Materials

Frequently Asked Questions for Best HPAS/ HAS Online Coaching by IBTS

Question. Are HPAS HAS Coaching Classes available both online & offline?
  • Answer: we will conduct The Classes online wherein students will interact with the mentor to solve their queries
Question. What if I miss the Online Lecture?
  • Answer: The recorded version of the course will be available for students enrolled in the program. In case a student misses out on the online lecture, a recorded version of the course will always be to our students.
Question. Will Course Materials be provided?
  • Answer: Yes! Study Materials will be provided to all our registered candidates to help them assist with the preparation, we will send you the hard copies & Books also (Cost Extra)
Question. What will be the scenario after Lockdown?
  • Answer: Students will have the option to convert their mode of study from only online Live Classes to a physical classroom program also once the physical classes get the start after the lockdown

Question. I have already enrolled in the Physical Classroom Program. How will I get the Online Class? Do I have to pay for the classes again?

  • Answer: Students can enroll in a physical classroom program now in the first place but they have to attend only online Live Classes till further communication from Govt. or concerned authorities to start the physical classes. Once lockdown will open, and physical classes will be allowed, these students will start attending the physical classes as per their schedule at the centers.

Question. Is Subject Wise Admission possible in Online Class?

  • Answer: Students can also take Subject wise / GS Papers (1, 2, 3 &4) wise admission in only online Live Classes mode.

Best HPAS/ HAS Online Coaching - IBTS 9316488821

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