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Our biggest Asset is our customers trust on us”

Rohnees Electricals Pty. Ltd. is family owned business run by Dilip Gorad (Electrical Engineer) who believes from the heart in Quality Standards & reliability at work to give value for customers hard earned money.


We Are Working Since 1298

A Person being in a industry for 15+ year and have seen all other businesses who show their policy in a shining way on Papers, on gadgets but behaves completely upside down. While greedy for their creamy profit.

As a young and emerging business we know that with our honesty, reliability & business obiquoties we are very much confident to bring change to electrical servicing industry with the elderly blessing of our valuable customers. we won’t just claim we are quality conscious but we do act to be quality & reliability conscious people in the market.

Our Vision

To be the most valuable and trustworthy organisation through world class performance throughout Australia and overseas to deliver minor to major projects, maintenance, services & operations in manufacturing retail, energy and communication sectors.

[tt_rp_icon_box_shortcode box_type=”type_3″ titlecolor=”#ffffff” type_icon=”fa fa-life-ring” title=”24/7 AVAILALITY”]We are providing 24/7 Facility.[/tt_rp_icon_box_shortcode]
[tt_rp_icon_box_shortcode box_type=”type_3″ titlecolor=”#ffffff” type_icon=”fa fa-credit-card-alt” title=”CERTIFIED MECHANICS”]All the employees certified mechanic.[/tt_rp_icon_box_shortcode]
[tt_rp_icon_box_shortcode box_type=”type_3″ titlecolor=”#ffffff” type_icon=”fa fa-calendar” title=”NO HIDDEN COST”]No hidden Charges take from the customers.[/tt_rp_icon_box_shortcode]
[tt_rp_icon_box_shortcode box_type=”type_3″ titlecolor=”#ffffff” type_icon=”fa fa-money” title=”TRANSPARENCY”]Our Business Communication Program[/tt_rp_icon_box_shortcode]
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[tt_rp_icon_box_shortcode type_icon=”fa fa-line-chart” title=”SAFETY AND SECURITY”]As our business requires an acute sense of proficiency, Rohnees translates this as an implementation of the highest possible standards for safety and security of its employees, supporters and valued customers assets. also it implies superior skills and constant vigilance to quality and environmental protection.

Rohnees develop team spirit and working conditions that are conductive to safety and security achievements.[/tt_rp_icon_box_shortcode]

[tt_rp_icon_box_shortcode type_icon=”fa fa-line-chart” title=”INTEGRITY”]Integrity, Honesty And Openness Rules All Our Actions And Practices. We Are Abide To Follow And Strictly Maintain Laws And Regulation Of Our Country In Which We Are Pride To Operate.[/tt_rp_icon_box_shortcode]
[tt_rp_icon_box_shortcode type_icon=”fa fa-check” title=”CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”]We Know Our Performance, Sustainability And Evolution Are Completely Relies In Customer Satisfaction.
Hence We Are Strongly Committed To Use Our Skills And Resources To Achieve Milestones In Customer Satisfaction.[/tt_rp_icon_box_shortcode]
[tt_rp_icon_box_shortcode type_icon=”fa fa-line-chart” title=”Responsibility”]As A Emerging Player In Electrical Industry We Have A Special Responsibility Not Only To Our Direct Stakeholders But To The People Environment At Large Which Will Definitely Benefitted From Our Services.[/tt_rp_icon_box_shortcode]
[tt_rp_icon_box_shortcode type_icon=”fa fa-line-chart” title=”TRANSPARENCY”]Professional Communications And Openness To Dialog Are Backbone Of Our Business Communication Program.
Our Motto Is To Provide Reliable And Pertinent Information Enabling Our Objective Assessment & Economical And Social Performance Of Our Business.[/tt_rp_icon_box_shortcode]
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