English Language

sentence corrections, Reading comprehension, fill in the blanks,  Vocabulary, Grammar Corrections, Identification of Errors, Synonyms/ Antonyms, Choosing the appropriate word and Spelling Check questions, Sentence Arrangement


Series completion, finding missing figures, Mirror Images, Completing number and alphabetical series,  relations and ranking, Simple arithmetical reasoning, Analogies / decision making, Classification analytical reasoning, Seating arrangement

Quantitative Aptitude

Number system,  decimal fractions,  Ratio and proportions, Percentage, Time and distance, , Data Interpretation containing  type MCQs from tables,  charts and diagrams, Questions  requiring multiplication, addition, subtraction and application of BODMAS rule, Application level questions from geometry contains area, perimeter and volume calculations of square, rectangle, circle, sphere, cube, cone, cylinder and other geometrical figures, Time and work, Speed and Distance, Profit and loss, Average, Simple and compound interest

Syllabus of Professional Knowledge questions in SBI SO examination

Questions are expected from Computer Fundamentals, computer Architecture and organization, data structure  Networking and network security, Internet technologies, Operating systems, Cyber security and threats, Computer Architecture, DBMS, computer programming.

Chartered Accountant:

Accounting Standards, Indian Accounting Standards,  Guidance Note, Financial Reporting Standards, Corporate Financial Reporting, Share-based Payment, Liability Valuation, Business valuation, Inflation Accounting, Indian Capital Market, Auditing, Foreign Exchanges

Law Officer:

Banking Regulated Laws, Banking Security Laws, Negotiable Instruments, Ethics and Corporate Governance in Banking, Financial Analysis, Banking Operational Laws, Banker-Customer Relations, Electronic Banking, Loans and Advances, Compliance and Legal Aspects, Security Types and Regulatory Frameworks etc.


Basic Statistical Methods and Inference , Uni-Variate Data, Bi-Variate Data, Time series forecasting, Sampling Concepts, Sampling Distribution, Estimations Theory, Simple Regression, Multiple Regression, Variance Analysis, Banking-Insurance, Financial Market, Foreign Exchanges, Forecasting Portfolio etc.

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