Numerical Ability:

Number Systems, Simplification, Number series, Missing/Wrong Number, Chain Rule, Ratio and Proportion, Average, Ages, Mixture and Allegation, Pipes and Cisterns, Time and Distance, Time and Work, Simple & Compound Interest, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Partnership, Areas and Volumes, Permutations and combinations, Probability.

Data Interpretation:

Pie charts, Bar graphs, Line graphs. Mixed graphs, Case study, Data tables

Logical Reasoning / General Intelligence:
Verbal Reasoning:

Analytical Reasoning, Distance Test, Seating Arrangement, Eligibility test (Decision making), Analogy, Classification, Coding Decoding, Odd Man out, Series, Mathematical Operation, Blood Relationships, Alphabet test, Data Sufficiency, Syllogism, Statements

Non Verbal Reasoning:

Series (Non Verbal), Mirror/water image, Classification (Non Verbal), Analogy (Non Verbal)

 English / Hindi:
English (Optional):

Synonyms, Antonyms, Vocabulary, Spotting errors, Idioms and Phrases, Sentence Improvement, Sentence Rearrangement, substitution, Cloze Tests, Inappropriate Usage of Words, Sentence Correction, English Comprehension

Hindi Language (Optional):

Hindi Grammar & language knowledge, Passage, Synonyms, Antonyms, Spotting Errors,Filling the given Blanks with suitable words

General Awareness:

Banking terms, History of Banking, RBI, Fiscal Monetary Policies, Social Function of Banks, Marketing, World Organizations, National and International Current Events,  Important Events, New Appointments, Books and Authors, World’s First Largest Longest, Prizes And Awards, Famous Places and persons,  General Geography, General History, Indian Economy,  General Polity, General Science ,  Sports And Recreation, Science And Technology, Days to remember.

Computer Knowledge:

Basic computer fundamentals, History and Future of Computers, Basic Software & Hardware and their functionalities, Computer Operations / Shortcut Keys, Networking, abbreviation used in computers, Microsoft-office, Computer Languages, Internet.

Blue Print
Year   Office Assistant2012 Officer2012
Topics Sub Topic    
Numerical Ability Simplification 15 5
Number System 10 7
Missing numbers 5 5
Percentage 2 2
Average 2
Partnership 1
Permutation and Combination 1
Time and Distance 1
Problems on ages 1 1
Simple and Compound Interest 1 1
Area 1 1
Trains 2
Ratio and Proportion 1
Pie Chart 5
Table graph 5
Bar graph 5
Case Studies 5
Verbal Reasoning Direction Test 2
Odd one out 1 3
Alphabet test and number ranking 3 3
Letter Series 1
Coding and Decoding 5
Mathematical Operation 8 4
Seating Arrangement 10 15
Syllogism 5 5
Data Sufficiency 5
Non-verbal Reasoning Completion of Series 10 10
English Comprehension 5 5
Synonyms 2 3
Antonyms 3 2
Spotting Errors 15 15
Paragraph Rearrangement 5 5
Cloze Test 10 10
Sentence Improvement 5
Sentence Completion 5
General Awareness 40 50
Computer Knowledge 40

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